You hear that?

That’s the rubber meeting the road. Could it be one of your competitors? Strip away all the pretty graphics, Flash animations, forms and widgets and you're left with one thing: the content. Once you’ve made that first impression with those snazzy graphics, it’s up to the content to seal the deal—to propel the visitor toward your ultimate goal: a sale, a membership, a believer in your brand. Sadly, content is the most over-looked area of a Web site. Is yours laying some serious rubber? or is it lucky to make a wimpy chirp?

Most Copywriting Doesn't Stink

Never has there been a more poorly written medium than the web (o i 4got bout txt msgn). And we’re not just talking about elementary spelling and grammar; that should be a given. The web gives your business the opportunity to have a direct and engaging interaction with a customer. Yet what do most companies do? Bore them with monotonous “telling” content instead of being evocative and persuasive. Good web copywriting intensifies your users’ experience to the point that they can almost smell that burning rubber! That's right. We want your copy to stink. Combine great copy with superb design and your visitors will become totally immersed.

Persuasion 101

Let's say you are fortunate enough to have a visitor to your Web site. Yep, just one. If you could interact with her directly, how would you treat that potential customer? We bet you'd give her a good bit of attention, try to understand what she really needs, and adjust your tone and pitch accordingly. Now imagine that 100 people step through your door at once. Would you treat them differently? If you are the only salesperson on the floor, you can bet those potential customers won't get the same treatment.

Quantity, meet quality.

You know that one of the key advantages of a Web site is that it can (within certain technical limitations) handle thousands of visitors just as well as it can handle one. That's the quantity part. What might not be so obvious is that your website has the potential to deliver a uniquely persuasive user experience—that stellar sales pitch—to every customer who walks through the door, no matter how fast they come. You've probably used a few websites that get it right, and you probably rewarded them with your attention...and your money! But frankly, the vast majority of websites float along on a sea of text, with no apparent end in mind. Makes you wonder who writes this garbage. And who reads it? Nobody.

At Develisys, we enjoy getting to know your business and sales processes, and we can help you interpret these processes into Web site content that not only makes sense to users, but actually converts visitors to customers, browsers to buyers, lurkers to members. Just tell us what you really want people to do. We'll help convince 'em to do it, and make it easy and enjoyable for them to accomplish that goal.

Customers Crave Content

Suppose a visitor to your Web site discovers a {product} that interests him; but he needs to know if it will be simple to install and operate. What he needs is detailed product information, maybe step-by-step instructions. Just because your website doesn’t have it doesn’t mean that he will stop looking for it. A quick trip to Google and seconds later he’s on another website—one that’s not yours, possibly one of your competitors. Obviously, that’s not good for your business.

How to lose business without even trying

Customers crave content, and they can sniff it out with relentless patience and precision. In a variation of the scenario above, your potential customer starts his buying process by researching the very content that is missing from your Web site. He may never learn of your company because a competitor has converted him into a customer by providing the info he was after. You never had a chance.

Get found, not lost.

Create the content your customers crave and not only will they more readily find your Web site, they'll also think more highly of you for being “the one” who satisfied their craving. Develisys will help you think like your customer. We'll identify topics for potential content development and assist you in the writing and editing processes.

How We Work Our Specialties