Who knows?

Conventional marketing wisdom says that awareness is the first step in the consumer behavior of becoming a customer. But who should be made aware? Develisys will work with you to define your audience in concrete terms, and then develop a strategy for reaching out to that audience with intense focus.

We realize your Internet marketing exists in the larger context of a marketing strategy or business plan. (And if it doesn't, we assist you in getting a grip on the whole picture.) Our team has experience with traditional offline marketing and can integrate Internet marketing efforts into a broad plan that includes a variety of media.

When they want it, you gotta be there.

When awareness of your product or service turns into desire, your audience is ready to act. Today, more than ever before, the very first action is likely to be a web search. Will you be found by the searching masses? If you aren't found, subsequent marketing efforts can't have much effect.

The issue is clear, but the solution is not always simple. The Develisys approach to search engine optimization begins with a diligent review of your existing Web site content. We'll help leverage your strengths and identify opportunities to create more search value with your website; so you look good to both the search engines and to the people searching. If you need to build traffic in a hurry, we'll create a search marketing (pay-per-click) campaign to bring targeted, qualified traffic to your site.

Converted anyone lately?

With a steady flow of traffic that is interested in your offerings, the rest should be easy, right? Well, no. You've got 'em in the door, now it's time to make your pitch. Develisys will help you define specific goals for the Web site and craft a user experience that achieves those goals. Whether you're selling goods and service or trying to build support for a cause, Develisys can streamline the processes to make your site easier and more enjoyable to use. We'll help you speak your customers’ language and look the part, building the credibility and confidence that converts browsers to buyers, lurkers to members, passers-by in to believers.

Satisfaction and conviction:
when their friends tell their friends...

Today's smart marketeers know that their job doesn’t end when they ‘take the money’. Customer service, product quality and performance, and ongoing communication with your audience all influence the long term perception of your brand. Let Develisys build your customer relationships, increase lifetime value, and turn satisfied customers into ambassadors of your brand.

Keep the love alive with email marketing

A well-executed email marketing strategy can be the key to customer retention and increased lifetime value. From massive sales promotions to subtle customer service messaging, Develisys can help you build, maintain, and refine a multi-faceted communications program. Our creative Internet marketing team can develop promotional strategies, maximize your existing points of contact, conceive, design and write messaging, and automate the management of your subscriber lists.

Measureable Results

Internet marketing can provide businesses with vast amounts of raw data, yet putting the numbers to good use requires time and expertise. Develisys can monitor, analyze and interpret your web metrics—recognizing patterns and making meaningful recommendations that will positively affect your business. Let us do the math.

How We Work Our Specialties