Getting to know you

What if your web development company really understood your business? What if they knew it so well it was scary. Think how much more effective they would be!

If you’re looking for an increase (sales, leads, traffic) or improvement (customer service, experience), chances are we’ll start by creating a strategy. Why?

When it comes to understanding our clients business, we’re insatiable. We research your competitors. We read your industry trade publications, and scour the Web. We ask tough questions. We develop an unsentimental view of your world. Only from this position can we make informed recommendations on improving your business. Would you have it any other way?

Who needs you, anyway?

Be honest. Do you really know who your customers are?

Whether you develop ideas, manufacture products, sell data, or serve the public, your business exists to fulfill a need. Your business success is a measure of the degree to which you satisfy that need. The better you understand who needs you and why, the more effective you’ll be at meeting their needs.

Understanding your constituents is the key to persuasive communication. Without that understanding, it’s easy—even tempting—to create materials that miss the mark. Is your content too general when your customers need details? Is your tone ragged and rambling, when users want a quick solution? By identifying and prioritizing your constituents—customers, members, the media, the general public, et al—Develisys can fine tune your messages for maximum effect with each audience segment. And, if we think what you are offering won't work, we're not afraid to say it. We believe Internet marketing shouldn't happen in a vacuum, or as the last step in a linear process. It must interact with and support every part of your business process from product development, packaging, brand identity, to offline communications, advertising, and customer service. We want to improve your business.

Can you really compete?

Reality check. Is your business utterly unique? Doubt it. Chances are, if there is a need in the marketplace, that need is likely being satisfied by someone besides you. The question becomes: do you do it better? faster? more effectively? more profitably? with more added value? Let Develisys perform an objective analysis of your competition and the marketplace that you and your competition serve. We’ll identify both opportunities for success and potential routes to failure. We'll refine the way you communicate with the people that matter to your business. You'll be glad we did.

What’s the plan?

Once we’ve taken the time to analyze your business, identify your market segments, and study your competition—what then?

Every strategy we undertake culminates in a tactical plan in which we outline specific initiatives that will allow you to meet your business goals for the Web site. We prioritize these tactics for maximum impact and with great respect for your budget. Yes, we're talking about ROI...we get it and so will you. Our tactical plan might include a wide variety of recommendations such as graphic identity development, content development, custom application development, search engine optimization, or Internet advertising—and a recommended timeline to help get the most from investing in our services.

Although many Web marketing projects begin with fairly clear end in mind, Develisys treats each project as a unique challenge. We avoid making assumptions about what your Web site can or should do, and instead let the strategy guide our decisions about developing specific functionality. In this way we ensure that your website provides those features that will best serve your business and users, while avoiding excessive or useless gizmos.

How We Work Our Specialties