Web Development

We are meticulous craftsmen

Develisys employees often speak about their high standards for function, user experience, accessibility and design; but it's during the development phase of a project that these lofty standards are finally realized in a "tangible" product. Armed with our strategic analysis, a clear-eyed tactical plan, a gorgeous design, and a thorough information architecture, we roll up our sleeves (again) to build—with the care and precision of craftsmen—the solution we've envisioned. While every web site project is unique, there are a number of consistent markers along the way.

Creating a site framework

We transform a design concept—what we call a mockup—into a working Web site that looks and works the same in myriad web browsers and platforms.

Designing interaction

When presenting design concepts, our creative director often resorts to odd gestures and bird noises while trying to explain a particular interaction, animation, or user experience. Finally, at this stage, our development team gets a chance to interpret his pantomime.

Programming functionality

Most sites we build have a function beyond the mere presentation of company info. Collecting leads, publishing jobs, maintaining a calendar, tracking inventory. Our skilled development team will create a functional solution that is highly customized to your needs.

Application Development & Programming

When the purpose of a Web site develops into a complex set of interrelated functions, we call that an application. Develisys has extensive experience developing sophisticated web applications, deep integrations with accounting and similar systems, and radical customization of stock software.

An acronym a day...

We live and work in a world of acronyms and abbreviations. Our favorites are ASP.NET framework with C#, MSSQL database design and implementation, JavaScript/AJAX client-side interactivity and enhancement. If you need help with a specific technology, contact us!

How We Work Our Specialties