Serious E-Commerce

E-Commerce is no joke (and we’re not laughing). If you need to compete on a national or international level, an innovative marketing strategy, killer Web site, and search engine marketing are givens. We’ll make sure you have them; otherwise you’re just wasting your time.

We work with clients that want to give their e-commerce property a big shot in the arm as well as e-commerce newbies looking to come out of the gate with their hair on fire (or playing catch-up to their competition).

When a simple, off-the-shelf shopping cart just won’t do, we have you covered. Have special requirements? We’re not surprised; so do the rest of our clients. To see what we’ve done for them, take a look at our e-commerce portfolio to the left.

Supersize your…

…conversion rate, average order value and lifetime customer value and minimize your customer acquisition cost. Making a sale is great, but at what cost? More traffic and more sales doesn’t always equal more profit. We help you extract the most value from your Internet marketing dollars. If you’re struggling with your conversion rate, or even your traffic, give us a call; we’ll supersize it for you.

Store Conversion Rate

The factors influencing your conversion rate are nearly limitless. Thankfully, we’ve got your back. We analyze your conversion path from landing page through checkout, thinking like your customer the whole way.

Average Order Value

It probably seems obvious, but increasing your average order amount by even a small percentage can make a significant difference in profitability. We develop a variety of sales, promotions and creative merchandising ideas to help you extract more from every sale.

Lifetime Customer Value

The old adage “it is cheaper to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one” applies to e-commerce, too. We help you increase repeat customer sales by building brand loyalty and after-the-sale marketing.