Search Engine Marketing–SEO & SEM

Connect your business with qualified prospects who are ready to act.

Think search engine marketing isn't for you? Think again. In recent years Web search technologies have improved dramatically, driving up user confidence and proficiency with search sites. Today the vast majority of Web users choose search before any other method of information gathering. They seek products, services, ideas, and other people. Businesses and organizations that don't confront this reality, do so at their peril.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Develisys’ proven expertise with search engine optimization generates measurable results. Our approach incorporates research, statistical analysis, creative copywriting, and search-engine friendly development methods that improve both the quantity and quality of search traffic on your Web site. We do this without compromising the readability and flow of you website content, unlike most SEO companies. In fact, those less tangible factors generally improve with our approach.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Need to drive traffic to your Web site in a hurry? Cost-per-click (CPC, also called pay-per-click) search advertising may be the solution you need. In developing a CPC campaign, we emphasize traffic quality over sheer numbers; because when you pay for clicks, the only way to justify the mounting costs is to convert visitors into customers! Conversion is the website’s duty. We focus on improving your site’s conversion rate through refining content, navigation, checkout processes, and creating optimal landing pages to receive your paid visitors and lead them to conversion.

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